New Mexico and Arizona 1997

The Fonda Hotel where we are staying.

Open Air Market. Really great roasted corn

Cynthia shopping

Where we ate lunch

Road side gift shop

Cynthia at Flea Market

Flea Market

Selling Meteorites at Flea Market

Georgia O'Keefee Museum (Sorry no indoor photos permitted)
It pays to obtain a ticket ahead of time, as we did, so you don't need to wait in line.

Museum of Fine Arts

Real Adobe
It doesn't get any more Santa Fe than this.

Street vendor

It is in New Mexico but run by the Univ. of Cal.
Wanta buy a bomb?

Take your pick

Our U-235 model. Smaller with more power.

Our Plutonium model. Larger but less power
They will both get the job done!

At '''Four Corners''
With his GPS, Walter soon discovers that 4 Corners is not where 4 Corners should be. In fact there is a small marker on the edge of the park which explains that YES it is 300 feet in the wrong place. The case went to the Supreme Court and it was ruled that Colorado LOST 300 feet of land.

People taking photos of people

Are we getting a little commercial?

Cruise Control Country
Between 4 Corners and
Monument Valley

How did they balance that rock up there?
Location - Mexican Hat, Utah

Monument Valley - Fantastic

That is a REAL Navajo on a REAL horse.
You pay, they pose

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Meteor Crater, Arizona - Cynthia with a large meteorite

Meteor Crater, Arizona - 3/4 of a mile across and 700 feet deep

Petrified Forest, Arizona - Cynthia next to single petrified log

Cynthia next to whole tree that is petrified