Utah and Wyoming Trip 1998

Promontory, Utah - Where the Transcontinental Railroad came together
Cynthia and the Golden Spike. The original spike is in a museum in California They have a fake one for the tourists to play with. The original railroad tie is also gone and this is a replica that is in the exact location where the original one was located.

The Golden Spike in the tie

The light colored tie is where the spike is located

The Falls at Idaho Falls. Not too exciting, but we had lunch here.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Lake Lodge, Wyoming - Very nice place to stay

Our cabin

Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake

The mountains as seen from the boat ride

Back to the marina

Why they need forest fires.   The trees grow old and the bark deteriorates so the bugs get in.  The forest fires kill off the old wood and allows new tress to grow


The Park Entrance

The Continental Divide runs through the Park.  As we all know from basic science, this is the East/West Boundary which marks the flow of river or ground water into the Atlantic or the Pacific.

My Old Faithful photo is not very good because of poor lighting.  I will try again tomorrow.

A Yellowstone Tour Bus built before WWII. It is still in use, but we used our own car

Hot water in the geyser basin at "West Thumb"

Park Ranger Tour Guide

Buffalo on the side of the road

Hot mud pool

Steam rising from the hot fields in a thermal area

Boiling Hot Spring With Mineral Deposits in Foregrounds

More Boiling Hot Spring Water

Elk Crossing The Road

Elk Eating Lunch

Mammoth Hot Springs

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
(not the Arizona famous one)

Buffalo in the road holding up traffic

Buffalo walking around near the road

Our Hotel ''The Old Faithful Inn'' - Side View

Our Hotel ''The Old Faithful Inn'' - Front View