Nantucket and Canada and Lake George 1999


Cynthia in Nantucket

The harbor at Nantucket

Not so great a shot of the harbor A J-Boat on the right - Endeavor and Forbes' "Highlander" in the center.

Brandt Point Light House

On the way to Canada we stayed at Motel 6 in Burlington. Where is Tom Bodett?

We took a ferry ride across Lake Champlain. The name of the ferry is NOT Wal-Mark.  That is the truck on the ferry

Cynthia on the ferry.  It was warm but very cloudy

Upper Vermont is real farm country - Moooo

Summer cottages we saw in northern Vermont

Chateau Montebello in Canada

The fireplace inside the Chateau Montebello

Cynthia while having a lovely time at breakfast with Walter, her charming husband

Chateau Montebello from the water

The docks where the "float boats" are kept

Where we went to get our afternoon drinks

The ferry near Chateua Montebello

Our car is the front one on the ferry

At the Hackercraft factory on Lake George

At the Hackercraft factory on Lake George

A boat being pulled to change the propeller The bilge pump working, that is the water coming out of the side of the boat

Front of the Sagamore

Cynthia at The Sagamore

Boats for guests at The Sagamore