Panama Canal 2000

Our Ship the Vision of Seas with 2,000 passengers and 1,000 crew

The interior of the ship

The interior of the ship

The pool deck

Overlooking the side of the ship. It is 12 stories high


The swinging pontoon bridge in Curacao in the open position to let boats through

Walking across the pontoon bridge

Entering the Panama Canal
Main canal straight ahead.
On the right with the red arrow is the first canal that
the French tried to construct, but failed.

Ship ahead of us in the left twin set of locks.
That is a ''Panamax'' ship meaning one just large enough to
fit into the lock with only 2 feet of clearance on each side.

The person in the row boat comes out to get the ships docking line

Our ship as we enter the lock

Ship behind us entering the locks

Closing the lock doors in the lane next to us.

Continual improvement of the canal

Land based visitors watching us go through the canal

Our first stop on the Pacific side, Costa Rica

More of Costa Rica

Acapulco - our hotel Las Brisas, The main pool

Our private pool.  Each bungalow gets its own private pool

The beach in Acapulco

The beach in Acapulco