Caribbean January 2010

Royal Caribbean Ship - Oasis of the Seas

This is the interior shopping mall within the ship's center section

Within the interior mall they have a bar that is also an elevator. It travels from the mall's first floor to its second floor. It only operates once every 20 minutes.

This is the ship's captain addressing the audience. The platform he is standing on folds up as seen in the photo below

Above is the platform in the folded position. Then it slides into the gold colored globe on the left that then retracts and closes.

An aerial photo of the ship. I took a digital photo of one of the postcards.
The red circle on the aft portion of the ship is the area where the ZIP line travels.

Someone else (not me) coming in for a landing on the ZIP line.

Where is my Life Insurance agent when I need him. I am preparing to go on the ZIP line

There are TWO surfing wave rides on the ship. In the photo below, you will see the girl fall.

She just fell off the surf board. The water will then push her back onto the platform in the rear area.

Another person in a ''wipe out''

Miniature golf on board the ship.  I had an EAGLE. Got it with 2 shots on a par 4

Watching the sun rise as we enter the harbor in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Downtown in St. Thomas

U.S. Customs and Boarder Patrol boats at the marina. Each boat has FOUR 225 horse power outboard motors. Do the math. That is 900 horse power in total.  The boats cruise at 55 knots or about 60 miles per hour.

Some of the other yachts at the marina

One of the many swimming pools on the ship

Also, one of the many hot tubs on the ship

One of the many swimming pools on the ship

Orient Beach on the French side of St. Martin

Cynthia's lunch in Margot on the French side of St. Martin

The stern of our ship. It was in Philipsburg on the Dutch side of the island.

Our ship is the one on the right

We rode the water taxi from the ship to the main dock on the beach of the Dutch side of the island.  It was a short ten minute ride - less than a mile from the ship.

Cynthia on the water taxi

The beach in Philipsburg on the Dutch side of St. Martin.

One of the main streets down town Philipsburg

The walk way between the shops and the beach in Philipsburg.

The beach in Philipsburg on the Dutch side.

Yes, the ship has an ice rink where they have a evening shows among the various entertainment features each night.

The passengers watching us enter Nassau harbor

Five ship lined up. The red arrow points to the black colored Disney ship that is tucked away behind the second white ship.  I just wanted to make sure that you counted five ships. Our ship is the last one in the row.

Atlantis hotel on Paradise Island in Nassau. It is huge.

Atlantis hotel on Paradise Island in Nassau. It is huge.

The marina next to Atlantis Hotel

A sting ray in the aquarium at Atlantis Hotel

Cynthia in the large market near the docks where the ships were located.

Back on the ship we had lunch. This is the exterior mall in the center of the ship. It is lined with restaurants.