Tahiti and Bora Bora Summer of 2015

Pictured below are images from Bora Bora. Yes, we also stayed four days in Tahiti, but that place is a disappointment compared to beautiful Bora Bora which has exceeded our expectations.

Bora Bora consist of a center island and an outer ring island. Our hotel is on the outer ring and that is why we need to use a water taxi. The airport is also on the outer ring - at the top of the map see the airport at ''Motu Mute''. There are no roads on the outer ring.

Arriving at the Bora Bora airport

The Four Seasons resort provided us with a launch to take us to the hotel.

The plaque on the launch

Cynthia in the launch

Our receptionist is walking Cynthia around the property

From our resort, looking towards the inner island

The walkway out to our bungalow

The receptionist with Cynthia overlooking the water

The living room section of the bungalow

The living room section of the bungalow

Looking from the bedroom through the bath into the living room

The resort swimming pool

The resort ''infinity'' swimming pool. The same pool as shown in the preceding photo, but looking out to the lagoon.

Lunch on the beach

Paddle boarding

Cynthia in the dinning room

Dessert, wow good