Vacation on the Barge Apres Tout in the Alsace, France Area - 2022

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All of these UN- EDITED photos were take with a Samsung Android phone.

The Barge "Apres Tout" that we were on for one week. Only three Cabins for guess plus the crew quarters.
 The barge is 128 feet long.
If you are interested in booking passage on the barge, please contact me for details or contact them directly at email their cell phone text is Country code 33 cell 786-75-29-43 or their website .

One of the barge full sized bed rooms

We are off on our trip down the French canals near the French/German boarder. We even have a hot tub as shown on the forward part of the barge.

Our first course

The main course

Lunch Salad

Jean Luc, our wine expert on board the barge, showing on a map the locations of various vineyards.

From the barge, one of our many day trips was to see a church in the town of St. Nicholas de Port

One of the stained glass windows in the church

During the day trip from the barge we also visited the Baccarat glass factory and showroom.

The main city center in the town of Nancy, France

We are entering a barge elevator that will lower us to another canal.

Water is being added to the closed elevator container so that the container will weigh more that the counter weight. Once the cable brake is released we will coast down the tracks to the lover level.

This is the elevator track down to the lower canal. The counter weights outlined in red are linked by long cables to the barge container.

This is a distant view of the elevator system. The barge elevator is slowly moving up the tracks. The excess water is no longer in the elevator so the barge slowly moves up the track way. In this case without the excess water in the container the counter weights are slightly heaver than the container. This causes the container to rise up the tracks. During this entire time there is always enough water in the container to keep the barge afloat.

Because we are in the Loraine section of French, chef Caroline (the Captain's wife) made us Quiche Loraine

Sliced Quiche Loraine for lunch

Gazpacho soup on top of crushed avocado - VERY Good.

On the barge entering a canal lock in the town of Saverne, France

We toured the Maginot Line used in World War II.

Tom, Mary Anne and Cynthia and then the crew standing in the background.

At the end of the one week voyage, we boarded a train in Strasbourg, France. Before boarding the train, we must time stamp our train ticket by inserting it into this machine.

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Photos on this website were taken with my newest Android Samsung FOLDABLE cell phone.
It folds over and closes flat.