Vacation in Europe in the Summer of 2022 - Garmisch, Germany

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All of these UN- EDITED photos were take with a Samsung Android phone.

Kloster Ettal near Garmisch, Germany

Kloster Ettal near Garmisch, Germany

Kloster Ettal near Garmisch, Germany

Our hotel in Garmisch, Germany

At breakfast in the buffet area of our hotel in Garmisch, Germany, they had honey served from a honeycomb as shown within the wood frame above.

The breakfast layout at the hotel. German breakfasts are much different from the typical USA fried eggs and bacon.

A view of the mountains in the distance in the Garmisch area. The white looks like snow, but it is just how the sun reflects off the rocks on the mountains.

Our lunch menu of the day - 1 Paar (Meaning 2 of them) Weisswurste (White colored hot dogs) see below plus homemade mustard and a giant salted pretzel.

The mustard was FANTASTIC

A typical Bavarian building with a painted outside.

Beside the Passion Play that is performed every ten years, Oberammergau, Germany is also the Christmas ornament capitol of the world. Retailers from the USA and elsewhere come here to purchase ornament supplies.

The tallest mountain in Germany is the Zugspitze. There is a two mile long cable car trip to reach the top of the mountain.

There is also a "Cog Train" to reaches the top of the Zugspitze. In the lower left of the image above, I have outlined in red the cog rail that is centered between the two railroad tracks. The cog system is needed because the ride to the top of the mountain is so steep that the train wheels will slide. The cog therefore gives the train a solid traction to move up the mountain.

Statues of past European Royalty in the church Hofkirche in Innsbruck, Austria

Emperor Maximilian's tomb in the center of the church Hofkirche in Innsbruck, Austria

Many flowers hung outside a building in Fulpmes, Austria

An end of the day treat - iced coffee, plus two scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped off with some whipped cream.

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Photos on this website were taken with my newest Android Samsung FOLDABLE cell phone.
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