Vacation in Europe in the Summer of 2022 - Madrid

        Frankfurt                     Garmisch    Madrid     

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All of these UN- EDITED photos were take with a Samsung Android phone.

We arrived in Madrid, Spain so of course we had Sangria

We stopped at the Ritz Hotel for an afternoon drink. Above Cynthia and to the left I have underlined in red a stream of mist that is sprayed to cool the air. Several sprayers are located about the patio.

There are many ornate buildings around Madrid.

The is the famous Picasso painting - Guernica - that is displayed in the Museum Reina Sofia. It is about the Spanish Revolution.

There are bicycle riders all over town. The bikes are rented by the hour from these stalls. With the proper cell phone application, the bike stand is unlocked. Once returned to any stall in town, the cost is calculated and charged to a credit card.

Most all restaurants in Madrid are outdoors. Yes, that is a Sangria in the lower right.

Bloody Mary drinks in the business class departure lounge. We are departing for the Miami Airport

        Frankfurt                     Garmisch    Madrid     


Photos on this website were taken with my newest Android Samsung FOLDABLE cell phone.
It folds over and closes flat.